Maratonpodden with Sandra Beijer

Unexpected and fun! But not really unexpected.  A great conversation (in Swedish) between Petra (host of the podcast Maratonpodden) and Sandra (blogger, author, etc.). Love when someone is running, but is totally not hooked on gadgets, shoes, races and so on. I have been following Sandra's blog since forever. Started with Niotillfem and a seasonal work and she is now blogging for ELLE Sweden. Also kind of nice that Petra interviews all types of runners. Both professional runners and "hobby-runners". Everyone can be inspiration! Listen to the podcast here at Spotify. 

Life In Looks | British Vogue

I just found Life In Looks by British Vogue. Famous people get to comment on their looks over their life time. This is an incredible vlog format. Kate Moss - how can't you just love her?!  Link to the playlist at British Vogue's YouTube.

Labor Day weekend 2022

 Very last minute we decided to take the car upstate over the Labor Day weekend.  A local couple have opened up a hotel in Tannersville together with an interior designer from CA. Beautiful place, Hotel Lilien . I think we came up round the first week they were open. The entire hotel looks like it's picked from an interior magazine. We did not stay in the main building. Judging of the photos our room might have been less personal, but still beautiful. We stayed in the house next to the main building (the Deck Rooms) because we needed an extra bedroom for the kids. The owners was also kind enough to lend us their pack and play for Hugo. Big Kudos!  The main building of the hotel Deck Rooms Outside of our room In the great room (we actually had dinner here) Interior detail More interior Part of the great dinner, with killer cocktails They even had a Jukebox! Lovely veranda Complimentary breakfast Custom made cups, it says Stay a While on the other side Ts friend from home happened to

Kochi - Korean Skewer Tasting

The other weekend we had a date night! Me and M went to Kochi in Hell's Kitchen. Such a laid back but yet refined restaurant. Very good food! With that said, most of the dished would not have needed the skewers in them. And do not think you are going there to have Korean food. They have incorporated nice flavors from the Korean kitchen, but the food is not Korean really. Corn - Corn fritter, yuba crumble, lotus root tuile, corn soup, caviar Hwe - Amberjack, red quinoa, korean pear, kim bugak Shrimp Twigim - Crispy shrimp, korean remoulade, celery root, tomato gochujang  Mackerel - Charcoal grilled mackerel, yuja mokgeolli vinaigrette, eggplant Duck - Duck leg confit, tomato marmalade, cherry ssamjang, minari salad Skirt Steak - Galbi marinated American wagyu skirt, spring onion, barley, ramp chimichurri, truffle Trout Bibimbap - Soy marinated steelhead trout, seasonal sprouts, candied anchovy, seaweed rice Froyo - Daechu frozen yogurt, crispy dates, fig compote  Ice Cream Sandwich

Tend - bara det godaste gott

Well, I almost feeling like a 90s bitch now. I'm currently a member of Tend . What the heck is that?! might ask yourself. Well, it's almost like One Medical , but for your teeth. Ok, in other words. It's a more modern way of going to the dentist. You are a member, have an app, you book and handle communication via the app. You get there and the place is fresh. You get headphones and can pick what TV-show to watch and what flavor of the tooth paste they will use.  In the brush buff Brush, brush, brush! You have to brush your teeth! Brushing in the designated brushing zone I got a really nice hygienist and dentist. But the exam itself was still cleaning and check up. No more, nor less. The space was clean and modern. But hey, you could not really see or hear the TV. But it's nice to get to choose at least. Will definitely be back in 6 month and 1 day. My teeth feel clean, and I did not have to go all the way up to Grand Central where my old dentist office was. When

Fall tradition - Apple picking

We went apple picking at Outhouse Orchards for the 4th time in the beginning of September. We do the same place and same crew every year, although the group of people increased slightly last year.  It's a short drive up, but the traffic out of the city is always bad and just leaving NYC takes up most of the time. This year H also threw up in the car. Det var en jakla fest! T sat on a staged tractor Posing in front of pumpkins Daddies and kids walking towards the apples Apples! This year seemed to be a good apple year. So much apples! I found a tree with smaller apples that I did not seem so allergic to. Winning! Kids posing so daddy can take picture Did H enjoy picking peaches? He seems to find them interesting at least It is very unclear if H actually enjoyed it. He still seems a little bit afraid of nature. First he did not want to leave the stroller, probably because of all the grass. But after a while e actually came out of the stroller. And he seemed to have a good time. Dadd