Tend - bara det godaste gott

Well, I almost feeling like a 90s bitch now. I'm currently a member of Tend. What the heck is that?!...you might ask yourself. Well, it's almost like One Medical, but for your teeth. Ok, in other words. It's a more modern way of going to the dentist. You are a member, have an app, you book and handle communication via the app. You get there and the place is fresh. You get headphones and can pick what TV-show to watch and what flavor of the tooth paste they will use. 

In the brush buff

Brush, brush, brush! You have to brush your teeth!

Brushing in the designated brushing zone

I got a really nice hygienist and dentist. But the exam itself was still cleaning and check up. No more, nor less. The space was clean and modern. But hey, you could not really see or hear the TV. But it's nice to get to choose at least. Will definitely be back in 6 month and 1 day. My teeth feel clean, and I did not have to go all the way up to Grand Central where my old dentist office was.

When I was done it was raining as crazy outside. Fun that I did not bring an umbrella. Took the picture below a block from home under a scaffolding. 

I have to admit that as a Swede, from Sweden...where healthcare if provided at a low cost as part of the welfare society, I love the membership services for healthcare and dental care. Omg it feels so luxurious! It's so flashy, all the staff are nice to you and the examination rooms do not look like they are from the 60s.  Also, you get great service, and the wait is never ever super long for anything. 


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