Kochi - Korean Skewer Tasting

The other weekend we had a date night! Me and M went to Kochi in Hell's Kitchen.

Such a laid back but yet refined restaurant. Very good food! With that said, most of the dished would not have needed the skewers in them. And do not think you are going there to have Korean food. They have incorporated nice flavors from the Korean kitchen, but the food is not Korean really.

Corn - Corn fritter, yuba crumble, lotus root tuile, corn soup, caviar

Hwe - Amberjack, red quinoa, korean pear, kim bugak

Shrimp Twigim - Crispy shrimp, korean remoulade, celery root, tomato gochujang 

Mackerel - Charcoal grilled mackerel, yuja mokgeolli vinaigrette, eggplant

Duck - Duck leg confit, tomato marmalade, cherry ssamjang, minari salad

Skirt Steak - Galbi marinated American wagyu skirt, spring onion, barley, ramp chimichurri, truffle

Trout Bibimbap - Soy marinated steelhead trout, seasonal sprouts, candied anchovy, seaweed rice

Froyo - Daechu frozen yogurt, crispy dates, fig compote

 Ice Cream Sandwich - Black sesame seed ice cream, chocolate sponge cake, misugaru cream

My favorite dish was the bibimbap! 

It somehow a small fly came out from the champagne bottle into my glass. Since they could not give us a new full bottle, since ours was almost finished, the dessert wine was on the house. That was a really nice gesture. 

Not like Riche in Stockholm. Where M got glass chards in his food and they said - "Call us if you get any sever complications due to the glass in your food." I love Riche, but this episode from this summer was an embarrassment on their side. 


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