Fall tradition - Apple picking

We went apple picking at Outhouse Orchards for the 4th time in the beginning of September. We do the same place and same crew every year, although the group of people increased slightly last year. 

It's a short drive up, but the traffic out of the city is always bad and just leaving NYC takes up most of the time. This year H also threw up in the car. Det var en jakla fest!

T sat on a staged tractor

Posing in front of pumpkins

Daddies and kids walking towards the apples


This year seemed to be a good apple year. So much apples! I found a tree with smaller apples that I did not seem so allergic to. Winning!

Kids posing so daddy can take picture

Did H enjoy picking peaches?

He seems to find them interesting at least

It is very unclear if H actually enjoyed it. He still seems a little bit afraid of nature. First he did not want to leave the stroller, probably because of all the grass. But after a while e actually came out of the stroller. And he seemed to have a good time.

Daddy showing the flowers

Lifting heavy pumpkins

T picked 2 smaller pumpkins for Halloween. We will see if they will make it. Will have to buy a bigger one for the stoop closer to when we actually need it. 

Proof of parents

Farmer T milking her cows

We ate a lot of apples and peaches

T being nice to O

After apple picking we went to The Blazer Pub and had lunch. They have great buffalo chicken with home made blue cheese dressing! Ok, before going to the diner we bought the doughnuts for Tove and also apple cider and preserves. Next year we might feel adventurous and try a new place for apple picking. 

Thank you for this year Meredith, Bjorn and O!

In case you have notices. I have switched to english for now. mainly because of two reasons. I need to write more in english and I know I have a few readers that would prefer english over Swedish. 


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