Monday 28/12

It was lovely to be back in Stockholm. Since I had this Monday off I decided to meet up with some friends. I will have a lot of free days in the future since I’m unemployed, or as you also can say…waiting for some new extra classes to start.

I had lunch with my cousins and one of their friends. By some reason they wanted to have Chinese food, so we went to a Chinese restaurant. But somehow you could have Yakiniku there, so I guess it was a cross Asian Kitchen, as most of the Asian restaurants are here in Stockholm. We also managed to look around at the season sales. I found some cute cardigans, new jeans and a skirt – all at 50% discount.

Later that afternoon I met up with my friends Alex and Kattis and drank tea for a long time at a café called Muggen, located at Götgatan, at the south part of Stockholm. It was really warm and cozy, you almost forgot the winter weather outside.

In the evening I met up with M and went to Babajan to have some beer with Christoffer and Björn. But it was closed, and we all blamed Björn ;) We ended up at a dive instead – hey, at least the beer was cheap!

This was a really nice Monday, compared to many other Mondays I’ve had.


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