Just give me a second, darling, to clear my head.
Just put down those scissors, baby,
On the single bed.
The sand in the hour glass is running low,
I came through thunder, the cold wind, the rain and the snow,
To find you awake by your window sill,
A sight for sore eyes, and a view to kill.

I broke down in horror at you standing there,
The glow from the moon shone through cracks in your hair.
I shouted with passion “I love you so much”,
But feeling my skin, it was cold to the touch.
You whispered "Where are you?",
I questioned your doubt,
But soon realized you were talking to God now.

You got blood your hands and I know it’s mine,
I just need more time.
So get off your low, let’s dance like we used to.
But there’s a light in the distance, waiting for me,
I will wait for you.
So get off your low, let’s kiss like we used to.

I looked in the mirror, but something was wrong.
I saw you behind, but my reflection was gone.
There was smoke in the fireplace as white as the snow.
A voice beckoned gently “Now it's time to go”.
A requiem played as you begged for forgiveness.
“Don’t touch me!” I screamed,
"I’ve got unfinished business."


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